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October 17, 2015

first fire
Oct.17 2015

From Dale Howey, Montgomery's Inn oven: "It is an Alex Chernov oven that was initially built for another client who decided not to take it for some reason. It was supposed to be portable. It is sited near the house/community centre but they intend to move it once a pavilion is built. We will probably be running a bread workshop at some point in the near future though they only have the old house kitchen and donít have the equipment for large scale production."

From Anna Mancuso, Everdale: "Our oven was built so that it could be mounted on a trailer and moved, but we will be installing it in a permanent location near our community gardening spaces as soon as our new pavilion is built."


Nov.13, 2015: first bread-baking workshop

the farm's fields and greenhouses

The old farmhouse with meeting rooms and kitchen

Dale Howey from Montgomery's Inn oven shows sourdough

shaping the loaves

slashing the loaves

a loaf on a bread "peel"

in it goes, deep (after a two-hour burn)

Alex Chernov's beautiful, functional "beehive" oven

half an hour later

golden-brown loaves, soft inside

the farm's fire circle: a good place to share bread

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