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Wednesday pizza night, August 19 2015

welcome wagon at the entrance

pizza hours sign

Pizza Libretto staff, long lineups

general donation boxes everywhere
Lots of scattered sitting places

inside the playground

along the walkway

tables, with musician tucked in behind

From the Brickworks website: Enjoy Pizzeria Libretto's famous margherita pizzas made straight from the outdoor wood-fired oven. Plus drinks for the kids and local beer for the adults. Half pizza and side salad, $6 | Whole pizza and side salad, $12 | Beer or Hard Cider, $5 | Milk or Lemonade, $1

Hot Dog Cart On a bun or on a stick, enjoy GOOD hot dogs made with good, locally sourced ingredients, managed by local youth. Grass fed hot dogs from LifeChoices and St. Johnís Bakery organic buns, with fixings like sauerkraut and ferments from Alchemy Pickles and Pyramid Ferments, sweet peppers form Stasis Preserves and mustards from Kozliks Mustard.

gelato cart

alcohol/milk/lemonade table (volunteers staffing)

fence to restrict alcohol movement

warning sign

hot dogs

everything has a story


August 6 2014

where you enter


pizza sign

topping bins

dough bins

sample plate


pizza fire to the left in oven

volunteer servers

wonderful adventure playground


From comments, August 9 2012

Pizzeria Libretto has partnered with Evergreen Brickworks for Family Pizza Nights every Tuesday to serve the best pizza in Toronto. These incredibly fragrant pizzas are made in an outdoor 900 degrees wood-fired oven! For a wallet-happy $3, you can enjoy a slice of culinary heritage and a seasonal sustainable of all; proceeds benefit the Evergreen children's food program. Glorious, thy name is Family Pizza Nights!

Oct.21 2012

oven, front view

oven, back view

inside the empty oven


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