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Guest Baker April 28, 2011

Lawrence Heights: The Second Try.

Report by guest baker Yo Utano.

Pizza day in Lawrence Heights.

The TCHC held a planning forum for the Lawrence Heights Revitalization at the gym in the community centre. We planned a pizza day as an alternative activity for kids and youth who would normally use the gym in the afternoon. Despite the stormy weather there was a great turnout.

The four food animators, Javon, Jacqui, Jessie and Jabullah were excited to have an activity at the oven with the kids in their neighbourhood, and the kids themselves were very enthusiastic.

The pizza making tables we had set up inside (due to the weather) were packed at times, and well over 100 little pizzas were made. A big thanks to the food animators, Daniel (North York Harvest), Carmen (TCHC), and everyone who came to help out!

The pizza tables were set up inside where it was warm.

Rolling out the dough.

Placing rolled out dough on the peel.

Over 100 of these little pizzas were made.

Putting sauce and cheese on the pizzas.

Sliding pizzas onto the hearth to cook.

Raking the coals to the back.

Pizza makers at the oven.

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