Public Bakeovens



Cooking with Fire in Public Parks


April 2020

April 16, 2020, FOI response

Decision letter

FOI#2020-0357 oven permits and use

April 29, 2020, letter to FOI

Dear Kerry-Ann, I've now had a chance to look more thoroughly at what you sent me about bake ovens. There is some missing information.

Your letter mentions that PFR looks after Christie, Sorauren, Fairmount, Regent Park, Edithvale, and Dufferin.
- there is no information about Regent Park.
- Three city-owned ovens are missing from your list: (1) the Scadding/Alexandra Park oven, (2) the Lawrence Heights oven, and (3) the Thorncliffe Tandoor.
- As you letter mentions, I asked for the specific agreement in place for the use of each individual oven. No such agreements were included in the FOI response.
- There is abundant permit and program income detail for Edithvale, rounded income amounts for Sorauren and Christie, and nothing for any of the other ovens (including the missing ones).
I would appreciate it if you could ask the relevant PFR staff (presuming that they are working from home) to fill in the missing information. If they simply don't know it, or have no records, I just need to have that in writing.

April 29, 2020, from FOI (Kerry-Ann Sween)

Unfortunately, we are unable to follow up on requests until such time as the City returns to regular operations. You may wish to follow up on this matter sometime in the future.

April 29, 2020, from Jutta to FOI

Thank you Kerry-Ann. So this freedom of information response will be incomplete until city staff get back to their offices. I assume that the Covid issue means that the one-month period when I can notify FOI what is missing is extended until then.

Does this mean that even though PFR staff are also working from home, they have no access to their electronic data, and therefore can't complete the information?

April 29, 2020, from FOI

The IPC has also suspended regular business operations during this time. Thus, the one month to appeal will not apply at the moment.

All I can advise at the moment, is that given the current circumstances we are unable to deal with follow ups. Once we return to regular operations, I will be happy to follow up with the program area for you.

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