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Fairmount and other ovens correspondence March 2020

March 2, 2020, from Gail to group

I contacted Peter White about March 10th request and heard nothing back from him.

Not even the courtesy of a reply.

from Barry: Rishab got back to me.

He’s working with Parks and his staff to get some date options.

Stay tuned…..before the meeting, we should meet to prep some.

March 3, 2020, from Helen at Sorauren

Just gathering info on ways to handle the City regarding the permitting of our bake oven. We've been fortunate to enjoy relatively fuss-free usage for quite a while but as is the way with the City, they seem to change staff constantly...

...I am concerned they are going to try to squeeze all the joy out of our activities. In the past I got a simple permit for the bake oven and transferred this to the vendor who was then able to make a few bucks selling pizza. Last year's experience with Cucinato Culinary Studio was dreamy and afforded us some good publicity.

Now when I talk with Permits she talks about the cost of the permit being "attendance driven" and describes the permit that we received in the past as "the type of permit you would use for a few friends or a gathering of your board directors"... If I were to increase the cost to the vendor to around $150? for the permit + vendor fee + wood + all their costs to run = no more pizza for the market.

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