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Temporary Oven (and lab) version three: December 30, 2016

Dec.30,2016: adding the ceramic fibre blanket, test baking #3

snowy morning

On December 30, we did the second cooking lab. The temperature was minus 2 and went up to 0 celsius.

This was the oven timing:

7.45 a.m. lit
8.45 two logs added
9.10 two big logs and two skinny ones added
10 a.m. two more logs added
10.15 one final little log added
11.15 a.m. put in vegetables to roast
11.30 put in pizza (added kindling)
11.35 took out vegetables
11.40 took out pizza
12 noon put in pita bread
12.10 took out pita bread
12.45 cleaned out oven. 500 F
1.05 p.m. put in two test loaves
1.35 bread done, 450 F
2.45 310 F
5 p.m. 200 F


From Yo: This time we planned on doing a series of cooking. Fire started at 7:45 am. It was starting to get pushed back when the ceramic fibre blanket arrived before 10. The blanket is pure white, fluffy and powdery like cotton candy, but not as light at all. We put it over the oven in sideways with ample drape on each side.

We started with roasting root vegetables (turnip, potatoes, celeriac, mushrooms) while a little whole onion cooked in its own skin on hot coals. Then proceeded on pizza and pita bread with fire in. After the pizza lunch, we cleaned the oven and left the thermometer in. After ten minutes, it said 500F! The blanket surely did the job.

We baked two loaves of bread. It was very tasty but didnít have a great crust.

I had saved some hot coals in the charcoal cooker. I added some more charcoal to it and cooked some pita bread. Pita bread puffs up better in the oven. At the end, Kankoro mochi was toasted on the charcoal cooker.

7.45 a.m. lighting the oven

8 a.m. mixing the sourdough

8.45 a.m. added two more logs

9.10 a.m. added two big logs ans two skinny ones

9.30 a.m. Hana Mia arrives with her dolly

9.45 a.m. the new ceramic fibre blanket is put on

10 a.m. 2 more logs

10.15 a.m. adding one small log

10.30 a.m. logs (mostly coals) pushed back to get the bricks "white"

11.15 a.m.: roasting vegetables, oven bricks mostly "white"

11.30 a.m. pizza

11.40 a.m. pizza out

12 noon: pita bread

12.10 a.m. pitas out

bread in at 1.05, done at 1.35 p.m., oven still 400F

Yo lit the Chinese charcoal cooker and then cleaned out the oven. Once the charcoal got going, the cooker made no smoke. Yo cooks indoors with her smaller charcoal cooker, at home in Japan. To avoid getting a carbon monoxide headache, she makes sure there is lots of fresh air.

Today she made pitas on the charcoal cooker, just ouside the back door. But the oven was a lot easier.

Chinese charcoal cooker

Yo making pita on the charcoal cooker

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